How QNB Finansinvest Restructured and Enhanced Omnichannel Services with Foreks Digital

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Finansinvest, the investment platform founded by QNB Finansbank, wanted to offer its customers the most seamless and consistent investment experience. At this point, the main focus was to restructure the provided omnichannel services to build an inline user experience.

In this regard, Finansinvest needed a partner with a great vision and know-how to strengthen its presence in the investment industry by designing a sustainable project agile enough to be able to meet the ever-changing customer expectations.

Thus, Finansinvest decided to partner with Foreks Digital to ensure the most spectacular results that can be achieved by combining the necessary cutting-edge technologies with 30 years of deep industry knowledge.

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  • With the new UX and UI design, users can navigate much easier.
  • Users can easily open investment accounts online.
  • Instant and uninterrupted data flow is the most important comparative advantage offered to users.
  • Users can perform investment transactions
  • Web and mobile channels were aligned with the user experience and services provided.

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