Order Trades at Scale with Ultra-Low Latency: Foreks Algorithmic Trading and HFT Solutions

The Challenges in the Financial Market

In recent years, digital transformation has become a necessity in the finance industry due to its enormous scale, volatility and time-pressure. In order to remain competitive, reducing operating margins and minimising network and other types of latencies has become essential to making informed investment decisions and delivering profitable strategies. This means every action in the investment chain requires ultra-low latency, starting from market data analysis and building trading strategies, all the way through to the generation, routing, and execution of orders. 

Furthermore, regulations promoting market transparency and competition along with narrowing spreads have resulted in traders seeking better financial solutions, which allow them to act extremely quickly to take advantage of momentary lags.


These challenges and regulatory changes in the financial market have given rise to a new approach in trading. Thanks to sophisticated high-speed technologies, Algorithmic Trading and High-Frequency Trading (also known as HFT, a specialised case of algorithmic trading)  have become a significant part of the trading landscape. 

In response to these changes, Foreks Digital developed Unica Algo and Unica Foreks HFT, a Digital Algorithmic Trading Platform and HFT Platform respectively. 

1. Foreks Algorithmic Trading Platform:Unica Algo

Unica Algo automates trades by using pre-programmed trading instructions with an advanced scripting language: cScript. Our platform provides the full-fledged environment for managing and optimising automated trading programs.


Unica Algo includes a number of structures (functions, control structures, loops, arithmetic operators, and more.) in a high-level programming language. Access to the Unica Algo Server can be managed on an individual user basis, with privileges including:

● Access to algorithms for execution or intervention

● Ability to remove or create a new algorithm 

● Ability to review or stop running algorithms

● Access to algorithms only within certain symbols


Unica​ Algo allows you to utilise your resources for more complex and sensitive orders, and achieve high-performance at scale.

2. Foreks High-Frequency Trading Platform: Unica Foreks HFT

Unica Foreks HFT processes data from HFT protocols and transfers the order decisions to the stock market in fractions of a second. The platform meets a wide range of operating needs with customised algorithms. In addition to basic performance features, Unica Foreks HFT includes advanced features, such as Database Centered Reporting and Monitoring, and Integrated CRM Module. Our HFT algorithms can manage billion-dollar volumes every month. 

“Foreks Digital is the first company to receive an OUCH certificate among data vendors.”       

Unica Foreks HFT Platform – Response and Process Speed

Processing ITCH packages~< 100 Nano Seconds
Processing simple decision structures~< 5 Nano Seconds
Processing moderately complex decision structures5~15 Nano Seconds
Processing highly complex decision structures10~100 Nano Seconds
OUCH order preparation time< 5 Microseconds
OUCH pre-prepared order usage time< 2 Microseconds
OUCH order execution time (depending on network  usage rate and network infrastructure)5-10 or 15 – 20 Microseconds
Total preparation and execution time of the order(not pre-prepared after the decision)15-30 Microseconds
Inıtiating orders and delivery time within Cscript (depending on the configuration of optimisation and coding)25-80 Microseconds


Unica Foreks HFT allows you to analyse multiple markets, execute orders and achieve high turnover rates at scale by leveraging high-frequency financial data with sophisticated algorithms. By opening HFT order structures to manual usage, Unica Foreks HFT enables you to easily monitor transactions and identify new opportunities. You can also maintain extremely short timeframes for liquidating positions, which results in the frequent turnover of many small positions in financial instruments.